2000 / 16MM / 5.30 MIN.

Short film in three parts containing three everyday life situations: a busy man on a riverbank, an old lady and an orangutan facing each other in a zoo, and a whirly of dancing Chinese in a park.


End exam film Gerrit Rietveld Academy (2000)

Archive Filmbank, Amsterdam, NL (2003)
Short Film Festival at the Grote Markt, Den Haag, NL (2003)
Part of the Rietwood-program at the Balie, Amsterdam, NL (2002)
Archive Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, NL (2002)
Film Festival ‘Woanders im Parkhaus’ Dusseldorf, DE (2001)
Boulevard Festival ‘Videodroom-Artis’ Den Bosch, NL (2001)
ArtFrankfurt ‘ArtKino,’ DE (2001)
Filminn, one day Festival, Korzo Theater Den Haag, NL (2000)
Film Festival ‘Kaiserwellen’ Dusseldorf, DE (2000)
Kunstkanaal, Amsterdam, NL (2000)
Dutch Film Festival, Utrecht, NL (2000)
End exam exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL (2000)
Hedah’s Film & Video Festival during IFFR, Maastricht, NL (2000)
PARK4DTV, Program Fall New York, USA (1999)
Exhibition ‘Vous etes Romy, n’estpas?’ De Unie, Rotterdam, NL (1999)
Park of the Future, Ketelhuis, Amsterdam, NL (1999)

Director, camera and editing:
Katelijne Schrama