2012 / 4K / 8.24 MIN.

Welcome to the world of red blood cells! You probably learned in a biology class what red blood cells do. Maybe you saw a stop-motion film of slides or a picture of red blood cells in a sort of donut shape.
In this short documentary, I got the chance to watch life through a microscope with several scientists from Sanquin Blood Supply, based in Amsterdam. We filmed the blood cells in real time and in high resolution (4k) while they were moving, transforming and dissolving: It is like watching into a different dimension.
For this film I won the 4K-contest for a film-plan by Cinegrid Amsterdam and the Waag Society. During a half year artist-in-residency I was able to make this short film about the fascinating life of bloodcells, deep hidden within us.


The film has shown—in 4k resolution—during a Cinegrid event in Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam and in San Diego, USA.

Script, director, producer, editor, narrator:
Katelijne Schrama
Ben Geraerst
Slobodan Bajić
Gert-Jan Blom
Technical support:
Thomas Schulz