2011 / HDCAM / 13.13 MIN.

In the 1970s, disguised as a steward and unarmed, then 24 year old Dutch policeman Wim Bokkers was a security officer on international KLM flights to Asia and the Middle East. This episode, which lasted only a few months, he extensively documented with slides. The Hotel Bangkok, a camel ride, the smiling crew on the airplane. The luxurious, carefree jet set world of the slides contrasts sharply with the reason for his security work: the threat posed by international terrorism. ‘It was like a wonderful vacation job’, he now says matter-of-factly about the whole experience. 1974 offers a rare glimpse into the world of security.


Uitkort Amsterdam 2016
Quartair Den Haag 2015
Uitkijk goes short! Amsterdam, 2014
competition 17th IDFF OFF CINEMA, Poznan, Poland 2013
The Marathon of New Dutch Cinema, Mediamatic, Amsterdam 2013
Best Films Shortcutz Amsterdam, Loods of Film at Roest 2013
Rwanda Film Festival, Kigali 2013
Tea Factory, Odessa, Ukraine 2013
Dutch Embassy, Kiev, Ukraine 2013
Dortmund | Cologne Int. Woman's Film Festival 2013 
* Also screening at Filmforum NRW, Museum Ludwig, Cologne
competition International Film Festival Shortcutz Amsterdam 2013
Gallery de Meerse, 6 october until 10 november 2012

Wim Bokkers
Script & director:
Katelijne Schrama
Director of photography:
Ben Geraerts
Camera Assistent:
Navid Tansaz
Sound recordists:
Slobodan Bajić, Katelijne schrama
Production assistant:
Sophie Slabbekoorn
Produced by:
Koert Davidse, Marc Thelosen
Vava Stojadinović
Evelien van den Broek
Sounddesign & final mix:
Tom Bijnen
Grading & mastering:
Jef Grosfeld
Leo Reijnen
Project coach:
Albert Wulffers

Supported by the Dutch Film Fund & Stichting Bevordering van de Volkskracht

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